Add or Remove Account Admins

Business Accounts

For Business Accounts, management of Admins will need to be preformed in the licensing system from which your account came from. 

If you need to add or remove someone as an Account Owner, you will need to go to the Trimble Account Management Portal, Tekla Online Admin Tool, or Trimble Civil Product Services (TCPS) to perform this operation. 

Click the Manage Licensed Users button to be directed you to your Trimble Account or Tekla Online Account. Please note that Trimble Civil Product Services is not accessible directly from the Manage Licensed Users button.

If you have purchased your licenses through a Trimble Sales Representative, you may need to reach out to them for further assistance. 

Enterprise & Project Agreement Accounts

For Enterprise & Project Agreement Accounts, adding of Admins is done inside of the Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard. 

Account Owners and Company Admins can add other Company Admins to their account. If the existing Account Owner is no longer available - the request must be submitted to our Support team who will assist you in completing the request.

As an Account Owner or Company Admin, you can add another admins inside Connect’s Account Admin Dashboard by clicking the Invite admins button and entering the user’s email address into the form inside the dialog.

To add another account admin

7. Click Invite.

Important Notes