Creating a Template

This template is applied to files stored in Trimble Connect. An account can only have one template associated to it.

To create your template

  1. Sign in to the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

  2. Click on the Account Admin link in the User dropdown menu.

  3. Expand the Property Sets tab to click on File Attributes. The File Attributes page is where you will be able to create a template which can be used on your projects.

  4. On the File Attributes page, click New.

  5. From the Template Editor, you will be able to add a template name, and define the File Attributes properties which you would like to be applied to files stored in Connect.

  6. Double click or drag and drop a property type from the left column to the right container (named Custom Properties).

  7. Once a few properties have been added, you can continue to add new ones at the bottom or in between some of the existing properties.

  8. A unique title is required for every property type.

  9. You can provide a default option or text for all the property types except for the user type.

  10. When you are finished you can either Save or Publish the template.

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