Publishing a Template

Saving as a Draft

If you are not ready to publish your template to your account projects, you can save the template as a draft instead.

Click the Save button (in the right side of the screen) to save any changes made to a template.

The status of the template will be shown as well as the timestamp when the last save was made. After a draft has been saved, you will be able to get access to the template from the File Attributes Templates home page.


After you have added and defined the File Attributes properties you can choose to publish it. Publishing the template will automatically add the File Attributes properties to your Connect project files.

When you are ready to publish the template and have it applied to all your account’s projects, click the Publish button.

Depending on how many projects are owned by your account, It may take some time to push the template to all projects. A dialog will appear on the screen indicating not to close the page until the process is complete.

After the template has been successfully published, the template status will change from Draft to Published.