Document History

The following page describes important additions to the Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard documentation starting in 2020. We also update the documentation frequently to address the feedback that you send us.

Project Details — August 19, 2021

Account project detailed information is now accessible. Learn more here

Multiple Account Role Support — July 21, 2021

Trimble’s licensing system has recently made some updates which limits accounts to have only 1 Account Owner per account. Accounts which had multiple Account Owners have been updated so there is only one owner and the remaining will become Company Admins. Since Trimble Connect uses the roles from Trimble’s licensing system our customers would be impacted while trying to access Trimble Connect’s Account Administration Dashboard.

Previously Trimble Connect only allowed Account Owners access to the Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard, with the recent changes, users with the Company Admin role will now be able to access the dashboard as well.

Updates for how the roles work can be found on:

Clarification on updating billing account — Jan 05, 2021

New instructions added for updating the project billing account to a different account owned by the same user. Separate instructions added for transferring ownership do a different user.

Tekla Online Support Updates — Dec 25, 2020

Tekla Online Accounts are now supported.

User guide now in digital format — Dec 19, 2020

The Account Admin Dashboard User Guide is now available in web format.

More information added to:

  • Account types and licensing

  • Account roles

  • Editing of Property Set Master Libraries

Updates to documentation on project ownership — Dec 03, 2020

Trimble Connect for Browser's new UI has changed some of the steps and instructions for setting the project ownership and updating the project license.

Property Set Master Libraries — Oct 03, 2020

Property Set Master Libraries introduced into the Admin Dashboard. Property Set Master Libraries is the newest feature released for the Workflow Extensions.

Use the Property Set Libraries feature to define customized property sets that you can use to link data to BIM content. Master libraries can be used in any project owned by your account. Once a template is used on a project, a specific version is created just for that project.

Account Admin User Guide created — Sept 03, 2020

Original guide created in PDF format.