Using File Attributes 

Editing File Attributes

Once a template has been published, the File Attributes will be added to all your projects and applied to the files stored in Trimble Connect. 

To edit file attributes

View File Attributes in the Explorer Table

You can change the table column content to a File Attributes property by clicking the dropdown button next to the column header.

You can also sort the table columns. 

Filter the Explorer Table

To filter the current folder’s file content based off the File Attributes you can use the filters shown above the table. 

If some of the attributes are missing from the filters above the table, you will see an All filters button which will open the Filter panel.

Advanced Search

You can search for files based on the File Attributes values by clicking the Advanced Search text in the search header. 

You can search by 1 or all the File Attributes that were defined in the File Attributes template. 

Bulk add / edit file attributes

Bulk add / edit file attributes/metadata is possible. There are 2 options - 

NOTE : Selecting folder(s) will update the attributes for files belonging to the particular folder(s) but not the nested folders. We had to restrict updates for files belonging to particular folder for performance reasons. 

Clicking on “Change file metadata” from the right panel will list the project’s file attributes. 

For example, in case above, it will show - 

You can then add the metadata to the selected files.  In case a large number of files are selected, the update might take some time.