Introduction to File Attributes

As an Account Admin, you will be able to set up a File Attributes template which will be used on files inside projects owned by your account. Project ownership is determined by the project’s license.

There are 6 different property types that are available:

  • Short text: For single line inputs

  • Long text: For longer, text-field inputs

  • Number

  • Date

  • Dropdown: Allows for users to select from a predefined list of options

  • User: For adding a user name coming from the project member user list

After a File Attributes template has been created and published, project users will be able to fill out the File Attributes from the file’s detail panel.

Only one template can be made for files, but you can add as many properties to that template as needed.


The ability to view and edit a file’s File Attributes can be done from the web application. Creating a File Attributes Template.

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