Unpublish a Template

How Unpublishing Works

When you unpublish a template, the file attributes will be hidden from all your projects.

Any data that was added to the files will remain but will be hidden from the UI.

If you re-publish your template, the template and data will be visible again.

Unpublish a Template

If you wish to remove the File Attributes template from your project’s files, you can unpublish the template. At this time, deleting a template is not available.

To unpublish your template

  1. Sign in to the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

  2. Click on the Account Admin link in the User dropdown menu.

  3. Navigate to the File Attributes page.

  4. Click on the Overflow Menu for the template

  5. Click Unpublish.

Note: You can re-publish the template at any time.