Editing a Template

Making Changes

Once a template has been published and in use, you may need to make changes. You can edit, delete or hide any of the File Attributes properties.

To begin editing, go into the template editor page and then click on any of the properties you wish to edit.

To edit a template

  1. Sign in to the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

  2. Click on the Account Admin link in the User dropdown menu.

  3. Navigate to the File Attributes page.

  4. Click on your template to go into the template editor.

  5. Click on any of the properties to make the needed changes.

  6. When you are finished you can either Save or Publish the template.

Quick Tips & Information

  • Changing titles, default values, or the order of the properties will not cause any data loss.

  • To reorder the properties, click and drag a row to the desired location.

  • Deleting a dropdown option can result in data loss, so caution is advised.

  • To remove a property, click the trash icon in the right bottom corner of the property
    You will be presented with dialog confirming you wish to delete. You can also choose to hide the property.

  • Hiding the property will remove the File Attributes property from the file detail panel, but any data that had been previously added will be saved

  • Hidden properties will be listed in the left column of the page, where you can add them back at any time.

Discarding Changes

Until you save or publish your edits, you can discard all changes by navigating away from this page.

You will be prompted to confirm you wish to discard changes before you leave the page. Choosing to discard changes cannot be undone.