View Project Details

Accessing the Detail Panel

All of the project details can be accessed through the detail panel. Selecting the project will automatically open the detail panel (when viewing on a tablet screen size or larger).

Project Details

The project detail panel will include the basic information:

  1. Project name

  2. Invite user's to project

  3. Export to Excel

  4. Details

      1. Project ID

      2. Project type

      3. License

      4. Size

      5. Number of users

      6. Server location

      7. Modified by and time

      8. Created by and time

  5. Project users list

Search for Project Users

If you want to see if a particular user is a project member, you can search for them in the detail panel.

Search parameters:

  • User name

  • User email

Export to Excel

You can export the project information and project's user list from the detail panel as two Excel files.

The exported project data will include:

  • Project name & ID

  • Created on timestamp

  • Size

  • Total number of users in the project

  • Date modified timestamp

The exported project user data will include:

  • User's name

  • User's email

  • User's role

The export the project data

  1. Sign in to the Trimble Connect for Browser application.

  2. Click on the Account Admin link in the User dropdown menu.

  3. From the Account Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Projects page.

  4. Click on the desired project to open the detail panel

  5. Click Export to Excel button.

Note: Depending on your browser settings, you may need to allow the application to download multiple files.