Account Admin Feature Overview

Account Users

From the Trimble Connect Account Admin Dashboard, you will be able to see all the internal users who have licenses assigned to them from your account. 

For Business Accounts

Please note that all user management functions (add/remove users, license assignment etc) will have to be done in the respective account/license management portals. The portal will depend on how Trimble Connect licenses were purchased.

Learn more about licensing systems ›

For Trimble Connect Enterprise Accounts & Project Agreement Accounts

Account Admins with an Enterprise Account will be able to add other Account Admins directly from the Connect Account Admin Dashboard, to help manage the account. 

Currently it is not possible to assign licenses to users or remove users from Enterprise accounts via the user interface. Please contact Trimble Connect Support who can assist you in these functions. 

Account Projects

From the Admin Dashboard, you will be able to see all of the projects using a license owned by your account. This includes projects created by you and your internal users. 

File Attributes

As an Account Admin, you will be able to set up a custom File Attributes template which will be used on files inside all the projects owned by your account (Project ownership is determined by the project’s license).

After a File Attributes template has been created and published, project users will be able to fill out the File Attributes from the file’s detail panel in Trimble Connect for Browser. 

Only one template can be made for files, but you can add as many properties to that template as needed.

Property Set Master Libraries

Property Set Master Libraries is the newest feature released for the Workflow Extensions

Use the Property Set Libraries feature to define customized property sets that you can use to link data to BIM content in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer. Master libraries can be used in any project owned by your account.