Internal Users

Internal Users Listing

The internal users page is where you will find all the list of users who have licenses assigned to them from your account.

Each user has the following information listed:

  • Name: This is the name coming from the user's Trimble Account

  • Email address: This is the email address coming from the user's Trimble Account

  • Employer: This field is coming from the user's Connect Profile (and cannot be changed by anyone other than the user).

  • License: All the licenses assigned to them from your account will be shown in this column

  • Role: This column indicates what role the user has inside the account. See Account User Roles for details.

  • Status: This column indicates if the user is actively consuming a license from your account or if the license has been removed/revoked from them.

Removed Users

A user becomes listed as Removed when you have revoked all assigned licenses assigned to them.

Please note: Removing or revoking a license from a user does not remove them your account's projects - it only stops them from being able to create new projects with your account's license.

Internal Users Listing Features

Sorting the Listing

You can sort the data in ascending or descending order by:

  • name

  • email

  • role

  • status

Refreshing the Data

If you think the data in the table is not up to date you can do a force pull request for data by clicking the Overflow Menu › Refresh.

Export to Excel

To export the list of users, click on the Overflow Menu › Export to Excel. You will see a message in the lower left corner of the screen after the export is complete.

The exported file will be in .XLS format.